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Actor Lucero Leon
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Mid to Late 20's
Occupation Police Officer (Pre-apocalypse)
Family Jane - Sister (Deceased)
Ben - Boyfriend (Deceased)
First Appearance Ascension Chapter 9: Schizophrenia
Last Appearance End Of Days Chapter 70: Monster
Cause of Death Shot in the head by unnamed soldier
Date of Death June 8th 2022
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Schizophrenia" to "Monster"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"I-It's okay Jay. I'm going...I'm going to go take care of Ben...You...You don't have to worry about him being alone anymore..."
—Amber to Jay aboout Ben before her death.

Amber was first introduced in Chapter 9: Schizophrenia, and has developed into a key protagonist within the Ascension and Towards the End of Our Days. Upon her introduction, Amber encountered Jim and Lei whilst searching for Donnovan, Ben and Robert, who had all been kidnapped and maimed by the psychotic Martin. Following the psychologically scarring events with Martin, Amber and Ben quickly formed a relationship, seeing themselves as the outsiders of the group.


Unknown LocationEdit

Nothing is known about Amber's life prior to the outbreak besides that she lived with her sister Jane and had two elderly parents.



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Killed ByEdit

  • Unnamed Soldier

Killed VictimsEdit

this list shows the victims Amber has killed:





  • Ascension
  • Towards the End of Our Days