Andy Demo
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Actor Collin Ford
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 15 (Dead and Buried)
Occupation Student
Family Unknown
First Appearance Ascension Chapter 1: Dead and Buried
Last Appearance Ascension Chapter 8: Harrowing Hope (Alive)
Ascension Chapter 9: Schizophrenia (Zombified)
Cause of Death Mutilated by Martin (Alive)
Stabbed in the head by Donnovan out of mercy (Zombified)
Date of Death March 10th, 2014
Status Dead
Series lifespan 'Dead and Buried" to "Harrowing Hope"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"Fuck you..."
—Andy's final words to Martin before being mutilated.

Andy Demo was first introduced in Chapter 1: Dead And Buried, and was one of the primary survivors of the plane wreckage. Almost nothing about Andy's life prior to the apocalypse is known, aside the fact that he was saved by Donnovan during the outbreak, and that one of the main charcters of the first ten chapters of Ascension. Briefly following Donnovan's unorthodox introduction, it became quite clear that he was very friendly with Donnovan.


Boston, MassachusettsEdit

Almost nothing is known about Andy Demo's life prior to the apocalypse besides the fact that he lived with his family and was saved by Donnovan during the outbreak.


Dead and Buried to SchizophreniaEdit

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Killed ByEdit

While on guard duty for the night, Andy was kidnapped by Martin during the night. Back at Martin's camp, Martin had amputated Andy's left leg and began to eat it as Andy woke up. The next morning it was reveled that he was completely mutilated by Martin.

The next morning after his death, his zombified remains were dumped on Crown Point's town hals' front stairs. Everyone looked at Andy in horror as a guilty Donnovan fell to his knees in tears and put the reanimated Andy down.

Killed VictimsEdit

his list shows the victims Lei has killed:

  • Several unnamed bandits
  • Several unnamed Saviors


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