Callum Williams
Actor Gerard Way
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 17
Occupation Unknown
Family Kaleb - Boyfriend (Deceased)
Ben - Ex-Boyfriend
First Appearance End Of Days Chapter 6: I wish I Could See It All
Status Alive
Series lifespan "I Wish I Could See It All" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Jack Williams Edit

Summary Edit

Jack Williams is a young teen boy, who has endured tragic abuse and pain over his life, resulting in a mental and emotional weakness in his mind. He is easily manipulated and very cowardly.

History Edit

He survived the apocalypse alongside his abusive father, Jay Williams in the settlement of Rubicon. He then later met a boy named Benjamin Woods, promptly falling in love with the aggressive and possessive delinquent. He lived alongside both for a while, Benjamin eventually dying by Jack's own hand by gunshot after a long battle alongside Jack's new friends Salvador and Kaede. His father died by a passing horde the next day. Following the dictatorship takeover of Samson, Jack struggled with guilt and regret throughout his new life as a forced laborer, in which he is barely physically strong enough to fulfill the tasks needed. He then befriended a town guard, Edgar Adams, who showed mercy to the boy. After the cruel and unexpected death of his only love in life, he slipped into a depression once more, never to escape from the despair of his doomed life.

Physical Features Edit

He is seventeen, and has a very skinny body. He is 5"10' and has black hair.