Connor Clarkson
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Actor Kevin Westgarth
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 33
Occupation Unknown
Family Corbin - Cousin (Deceased)
Unnamed Wife (Deceased)
Unnamed Son (Deceased)
Unnamed Daughter (Deceased)
First Appearance Ascension: Chapter 1: Dead and Buried
Last Appearance Ascension: Chapter 9: Schizophrenia
Cause of Death Devoured by walkers (Alive). Shot in the head with an arrow afterwards by Corbin (Zombified).
Date of Death March 11th, 2014
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Dead and Buried" to "Schizophrenia"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"This is my LAST STOP! I have nothing left...But YOU need to GO! For Robert! Donnovan! YOU need to SURVIVE! promise me you will SURVIVE Lei..! LEI! I...I like you a lot...and I want you to SURVIVE! GO! Leave me behind! GO! NOW!"
— Connor's last word to Lei before sacrificing himself for her sake.

Connor Clarkson was first introduced in Chapter 1: Dead And Buried, and was one of the primary survivors of the plane wreckage. Not much about Connor's life prior to the apocalypse is known, aside the fact that he had a wife and two children, and that one of the main charcters of Ascension, Corbin was his first cousin. Upon his introduction, Connor lost his wife and children amid the wreckage of the plane wreck, causing him to sink into a deep depression, as did most of the other survivors from the plane. Briefly following Donnovan's unorthodox introduction, it became quite apparent that Connor's interpersonal skills were on par with Donnovan's, as Connor quickly became Donnovan's right hand man. The two developed a strong friendship over time, despite their heated disputes in the opening chapter. Connor was portrayed to be a very contentious and warm-hearted individual, often concerned for the well-beings of others.


Boston, MassachusettsEdit

Connor Clarckson had a well life with his wife and two children, having lived somewhere around Boston, Massachusetts. He cared deeply for them and was devastated by their loss.


Dead and Buried to SchizophreniaEdit

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Killed ByEdit

While searching for Andy's brutal murderer, the group got separated and surrounded by Walkers. Unable to fight the walkers off and too slow to run back to Crown Point with Lei, he forced Lei to leave him and let him put his final rounds of ammunition into the walkers before being devoured.

A day after his death, the group slowly made their way back to Crown Point. Out of bush came out the half devoured remains of Connor. Unable to do it themselves, Donnovan and Lei just watched as Connor's remains slowly approached them. An arrow lodged itself in Connor's temple as a drunken Corbin stumbled towards the group.

Killed VictimsEdit

his list shows the victims Lei has killed:

  • Several unnamed bandits
  • Several unnamed Saviors


Lei RodriguezEdit

"LEI! I...I like you a lot...and I want you to SURVIVE! GO! Leave me behind! GO! NOW!"
—Connor showing his affection to Lei

Connor's affection to Lei was clearly obvious to everyone besides Lei. While their relationship starts off as nothing more but a helpful stranger and a terrified woman, the bond strengthens over the course of their adventures from Boston to Crown Point. While Connor cared more about the safety of the group than his own personal pleasure, causing their relationship to truly never start. Lei's affection towards Connor were never revealed until his final moments, however in that situation he had to let her go.


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