Donnovan Kenny
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Actor Matt Damon
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 24 (Dead and Buried)
26 (Bloom)
Occupation Thermite Welder
Family Megan - Wife (Deceased)
Tammy - daughter (Deceased)
Lei - Girlfriend (Deceased)
Robert - Adopted son (Deceased)
First Appearance Ascension Chapter 1: Dead and Buried
Last Appearance Ascension: Chapter 85: Inducia (Dream)
Death Episode Ascension: Chapter 65: Bloom
Cause of Death Bitten and died of infection (Alive)
Head smashed in by Braxton Montgomery (Zombified)
Date of Death March 7th, 2015 (Alive)
Between March 12, 2015 and May 4th, 2015 (Zombified)
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Dead and Buried" to "Bloom" (Alive)
"This Is How The World Ends" (Zombified)
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"I told you Lei, I only die when I say so..."
—Donnovan to Lei when he orders her to leave him behind.

Donnovan Kenny was first encountered in Chapter 1: Dead And Buried, and is thought to be the primary protagonist of the Ascension, but is later revealed to be a Decoy Protagonist. Donnovan was previously a thermite welder for the railway prior to the apocalypse, giving an explanation for his slightly conceited attitude and sarcastic demeanour. Donnovan grew up in the backstreets of Boston, Massachusetts, with very little parental guidance or authority. Despite this, Donnovan acquired sufficient interpersonal and leadership skills, making him an imperative leader over the survivors.


Boston, MassachusettsEdit

Donnovan Kenny lived with his wife and daughter prior to the outbreak, but after a thermite incident and the death of Tammy, his live quickly hit a low point, as well did his wife Megan too, which caused her to kill herself. After said events his personality quickly changed, turning towards a colder tone.


Dead and Buried to SchizophreniaEdit

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Killed ByEdit

While searching for Ben Rollens after he left the camp, the group was surrounded by walkers, resulting in Donnovan being bit in the stomach. He struggled to stay alive through out the day and later forced the group to leave him behind so he could kill Theren. Afterwards he continued to slowly walk until he dropped dead.

While running from a horde, Braxton's brother Conrad got his throat bit out by a zombified Donnovan, causing Braxton to horribly smash Donnovan's head in and take his baseball hat as a 'reward.'

Killed VictimsEdit

his list shows the victims Lei has killed:


Lei RodriguezEdit

"I love you Lei...and that's why I have to let you go..."
—Donnovan telling Lei to leave him behind

Donnovan's and Lei's affection towards each other were hinted several times throughout the beginning parts of Ascension. Even to the point were Robert called them "Mom" and "Dad". Both of them were always there for each other and when Lei's relationship with Corbin hit an all time bottom, Donnovan was there for her, resulting in Lei to cheat on Corbin with Donnovan himself. After Corbin was banished by Donnovan himself, Donnovan, Lei, and Robert formed a little family. After Robert's mental conditions seemed to get better, the family worked out great until Donnovan's ultimate demise months later.


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