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Actor Tom Holland
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 12
Occupation Student
Family Corbin - Adoptive Father (Deceased)
Lei - Adoptive Mother (Deceased)
Robert - Adoptive Brother (Deceased)
Adoptive infant brother (Deceased)
Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
First Appearance Ascension Chapter 17: Summer
Last Appearance Ascension Chapter 85: Inducia
Death Episode Ascension: Chapter 55: To Right Our Wrongs
Cause of Death Bled to death, shot in the head before reanimation by Robert
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Summer" to "To Right Our Wrongs"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"No i'm not going to be fine...I'm dying, but it's okay...I wanna see my Dad and Mom again..."
—Jake telling Robert that he is dying.

Jake was first introduced in Chapter 17: Summer, and is a main protagonist in the Ascension. Prior to Jake's introduction, Corbin, Jim and Donnovan had been on a supply run, when they encountered Jake's bitten father. After Corbin killed the man, Donnovan took his jacket. Jake later encountered the trio, knowing that they'd killed his father, since Donnovan had been wearing his jacket. Donnovan and the others brought Jake back to Crown Point, where he mostly kept to himself. Despite the two getting off to a heated and hostile relationship, Robert and Jake have grown to be best friends.


Unknown LocationEdit

Nothing is known about Jake's life prior to the apocalypse besides that he had a mother and a father. His mother died sometime in the initial outbreak and he had been surviving with his father until his father was bitten.



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Killed ByEdit

During the riot at Fort Bliss, Ron selfishly destroyed the entire fort so that no one else could use it for shelter, during the explosion, Jake's right arm was incinerated in the blast. Days later his arm continued to bleed. Calling to his friend, he asked Robert to make sure he didn't turn. He tells Robert that this is for the best and then he dies, Robert then cries as he shoots his best friend.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Jake has killed:

  • Zac (Before Reanimation)
  • Marty (Before Reanimation)


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