Lei Rodriguez
Lei preview
Actor Michelle Rodriguez
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 27 (Dead and Buried)
28 (Summer)
29 (Home Sweet Home)
35 (Overmorrow)
36 (Belief Is In My Remains)
37 (I Remain)
Occupation Nurse (Pre-apocalypse)
Group Medic (Post-apocalypse)
Group Leader (Post-apocalypse)
Former Inducia Leader (Post-apocalypse)
Former Rubicon Medic (Post-apocalypse)
Former Rubicon First-Lady (Post-apocalypse)
Family Tom Robinson - Ex-Husband (Deceased)
Lucas Taylor - Adopted Son (Deceased)
Donnovan Kenny - Former Husband (Deceased)
Andy Kenny - Brother-in-Law (Deceased)
Donovan Kenny Jr - Son (Deceased)
Corbin Clarckson - Ex-Lover (Deceased)
Braxton Montgomery - Former Husband (Deceased)
Conrad Montgomery - Step Son
Logan Turner - Ex-Lover (Deceased)
Samson Pechman - Ex-Husband (Deceased)
Ben Rockwell - Ex-Lover (Deceased)
Lincoln Mansburg - Former Lover (Deceased)
Unborn Child (Deceased)
First Appearance Dead and Buried
Last Appearance The Queen Remains
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "Dead and Buried" to "The Queen Remains"
Ethnicity Hispanic-American
"Stop squirming, you little bitch."
—Lei to the reanimated Angel before she shoots her.

Lei Rodriguez is the main protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in Ascension. Lei was a nurse prior to the apocalypse, and was unhappily married to an abusive husband. Lei lost her husband in a horrendous plane crash within Chapter 1, which caused her to fall into a deep depression. However, Lei felt morally obligated to watch over the young Robert as her own child, following the traumatic death of Robert's Grandmother. During the groups' early origins in Boston, Lei tediously began to open up, accepting the group as her new makeshift family. Since the loss of her husband, Lei has been drastically psychologically altered due to the post-apocalypse, willing to go to barbaric measures in order to protect those whom she loves and ultimately becoming the leader of the group.


Unknown Location

Lei Rodriguez lived with her husband prior to the outbreak, however their marriage was not a good one due to his abusive nature revealed by Lei later in the series. She was a nurse of some background and loved her job, becoming sort of a medic yet a leader as well to the group. She was heading to Boston from some part of Canada when the plane suddenly crashed, landing her in the center of the end of the world.


Dead and Buried to Schizophrenia

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Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lei has killed:


Robert Taylor

"Robert, I love you. You're my pride and joy and I would never do anything to hurt you. M-Mom forgives you for everything you've done, you're the most perfect little boy Robert. Now hand me back my gun please S-Sweetie."
—Lei's final words to Robert before he was killed

Lei's affection towards Robert was readily obvious the moment she met him. While their relationship starts off as nothing more but a helpful stranger and a little boy, the bond strengthens over the course of Ascension. As Robert is the closest person to Lei in the apocalypse, both of them came to form a symbiotic relationship, Lei seeing Robert as a son of her own while Robert instantly considered Lei as a mother. However, the relationship eventually takes a toll for the worse when Robert's mental stability took a toll for the worst as well. Lei and Robert's relationship turned into a Ferris wheel with it's ups and down. Their relationship was improved however Robert murdered ten innocent people. The two end on a warm but emotional note, as Lei, in tears, has to put down her adopted son so he couldn't blindly hurt another person. Robert is without a doubt Lei's greatest influence throughout the final chapters of Ascension and throughout Inducia Chronicles, as she put her effort and mothership into her new family in Inducia. She ultimately finishes her work that she promised Robert she would one day complete while sacrificing herself so the other's can continue to live. Lei mentions Robert several times in Inducia Chronicles, and becomes visibly saddened each time he is mentioned. She has several dreams of him at certian point as well.


  • Ascension
  • Dead River (No Lines)
  • The Inducia Chronicles
  • Like Father, Like Son (No Lines)
  • We Seek Not Into Temptation
  • Towards the End of Our Days