Lincoln Mansburg
Actor Ewan McGregor
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 42
Occupation Unknown
Family Lucy - Girlfriend (Deceased)
(Unnamed Daughter) (Deceased)
First Appearance End Of Days Chapter 1: It's Too Late To Go Back
Last Appearance End Of Days Chapter 46: Phenomenon
Cause of Death Accidentally covered in bleach and devoured by Biters
Status Dead
Series lifespan "It's Too Late To Go Back" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Lincoln Mansburg was first introduced in End Of Days Chapter 1: It's Too Late To Go Back, and is a major character within End Of Days.



Very little is known about Lincoln's life prior to the apacolypse besides that he was an astronaut and had a daughter that died due to unknown events.


It's Too Late To Go BackEdit

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Killed ByEdit

While returning back to the cabin from a walk in the night, the group mistook him for one of the "other" members of the sniper group Adrian lied about. In fear the group activated one of the bleach traps which blinded Lincoln and stunned his as he was devoured by biters while the group watched, unable to help.

Killed VictimsEdit

this list shows the victims Lincoln has killed:


End Of Days

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