Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Newborn
Occupation None
Family William - Adoptive Father
Jon - Adoptive Father (Deceased)
Billy - Adoptive Brother (Deceased)
Daisy - Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Father (Deceased)
First Appearance Inducia Chronicles Chapter 26: Overmorrow
Last Appearance End Of Days Chapter 70: Monster (Photograph)
Death Episode Inducia Chronicles Chapters 37: Be With You
Cause of Death Crushed by Jonathan Parker (Out Of Mercy)
Date of Death November 11th 2020
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Overmorrow" to "Be With You"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"Do you think it was painless? I like to believe it was. I pray that his little bity face didn't even cry. I see him when I close my eyes..."
—William telling Lei about Luke after his funeral.

Luke is a character and a survivor of the outbreak in Inducia Chronicles. Luke's mother Daisy died during birth and his father was unfit for the role as a parent, so he was adopted by William and Jonathan.



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The Inducia ChroniclesEdit

  • Chapter 26: Overmorrow (No Line)
  • Chapter 27: The Autumn Effect (No Line)
  • Chapter 28: Guilty Bystander (No Line)
  • Chapter 29: Present Absence (No Line)
  • Chapter 30: A God I Am Not (No Line)
  • Chapter 31: Picked Flowers are Dead (No Line)
  • Chapter 32: Courtesy Call (No Line)
  • Chapter 33: Up till 4 in the Morning (No Line)
  • Chapter 34: Unfortunate Ailment (No Line)
  • Chapter 35: Once More (No Line)
  • Chapter 36: Blood Spilt (No Line)
  • Chapter 37: Be With You (No Line)
  • Chapter 41: Hymn for The Missing (Flashback)
  • Chapter 42: I Climb (Photograph)
  • Chapter 46: On Our Graves (Photograph)
  • Chapter 50: End Of Days (Photograph)

End Of DaysEdit

  • Chapter 8: Love's Flaws (Photograph)
  • Chapter 13: There Lies Our Trust (Photograph)
  • Chapter 28: The Promises You've Kept (Hallucination)
  • Chapter 36: In A Better Place (Dream)
  • Chapter 48: When Will I Learn? (Photograph)
  • Chapter 54: Not Dead Yet (Photograph)
  • Chapter 55: Everything To See (Photograph)
  • Chapter 69: End Of Life We As Know It (Photograph)
  • Chapter 70: Monster (Photograph)