Actor Joaqiun Phoenix
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Early to Mid 30's
Occupation Writer
Family Unknown
First Appearance Ascension Chapter 8: Harrowing Hope
Last Appearance Ascension Chapter 14: In A Life We Once Squandered (Zombified)
Death Episode Ascension Chapter 9: Schizophrenia
Cause of Death Stabbed and Gutted by Robert (Alive)
Head slashed in by Lei (Zombified)
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Harrowing Hope" to "Schizophrenia"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Martin was first encountered in Chapter 8: Harrowing Hope, and was a minor antagonist in the Walking Dead Ascension. Martin made his unforgettable introduction nearly the second the group arrived at Crown Point, as he had left traces of his insanity within the group's former headquarters, the Courthouse. Prior to the apocalypse, Martin was a writer, often writing his disturbing and horrific thoughts onto paper. Martin suffers the horrifying mental illness of schizophrenia, a condition in which causes the host to constantly hear whispers in his/her head, in which often have a heavy influence on the host's decisions and actions. Schizophrenic patients often have a difficult time differentiating the voices of people around them from the voices in their heads, causing them to isolate themselves from the outside, as Martin did in the Crown Point high school. In the post-apocalypse, Martin developed an obsession with meticulously mutilating human beings, and turning them into his corrupt view of "art." Martin left a permanent mark in the group in several aspects, such as cutting off Donnovan's left pinkie and ring fingers, slicing off Ben's right ear, cutting off Lei's right pinkie, attempting to rape Robert and removing one of Amber's molar teeth. Before Martin was able to further disfigure the survivors, Robert barbarically put Martin out of his misery.