Actor Gerald Auger
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age late 30's to Early 40's
Occupation Black Op
Family Angel - Lover (Deceased)
First Appearance Chapter 19: Before
Last Appearance Chapter 66: When (Corpse)
Death Episode Chapter 65: Bloom
Cause of Death Impaled and shot in the head by Donnovan
Status Dead
Series lifespan #19 to #65
#66 (Corpse)
Ethnicity Native American

Theren was first introduced in Chapter 19: Before, and is a primary antagonist within the Walking Dead: Ascension. Prior to the apocalypse, Theren was the commander of a squad of black ops, carrying out special, classified orders from the president of the United States. Upon the outbreak hitting, Theren was ordered to rally up all citizens of Washington D.C. and herd them to a rendezvous point in Alexandria, Virginia. Rather than follow the president's orders, Theren and his small militia of black ops slaughtered the citizens of Washington, including the president himself, out of pure sinister motive and selfish desires. Since then, Theren and his group have scoured the countryside in search of sanctuary. Theren and his crew were on the road to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when they encountered Crown Point, with Donnovan and his group already residing within it. Seeing him and his group as an unstoppable powerhouse, Theren malevolently demanded that Donnovan and his people vacate the premises in a week, or be executed. Ever since Theren and his troops slaughtered the innocent citizens of Washington, Theren has scarred himself with small tally marks on both arms, counting the days gone by since the occurrence.